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Thats the bill that just landed in my email inbox 

Happy Monday Marcus 

The thing is I knew it would come eventually 

But for some reason I left it to build up way bigger than what I should have 

So now I’m left with the discomfort of paying it off

Reminds me of how us men treat our bodies

We know we should be looking after it 

Realistically we want to be fit & strong & have a body to be confident & proud of 

Yet we neglect it & it’s only a few years later when something comes & smacks us in the face we start to do something about it 

For me it was the bill this morning 

What will it be for you?

Not being able to keep up with the kids?

Being called fat dad?

Being the but of the chubby jokes in the office?

The embarrassment of taking your shirt off on holiday?

Or even your partner upgrading you for a younger fitter model?

Any of those on the horizon for you my man?

Lets be real about it a couple of them could be 

Maybe take a look here if they are > http://marcusduharty.com/shift-fat-faster-forever


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