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40 Breakfast & Lunch Recipes


The chest pump after that workout yesterday 

Session 3 of the latest #TeamHUD Training Block is a killer 

The thing is though the guys in the programme can train as hard

as they want 

But without decent nutrition their progress will…. probably suck 

That’s what I was trying to get across in a video I posted yesterday 

& is why I’ve just added nearly 40 breakfast & lunch recipes into

the #TeamHUD Exclusive members group 

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.07.35 Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.19.16

40 recipes with full Protein Carb Fat & Total Calories breakdowns

Perfect for the guys to choose exactly what works for them 

& I’ll have Main meal, Snacks & Desserts recipes added shortly 

Plus new recipes EVERY Week…

With this extra you’d think I may have upped the price

But it stays exactly the same at less than £
12.50 per week 

I know serious value right !

My goal over the next few months is to add massive value to both 

Build&Blast and the #TeamHUD groups

I wanna add so much value that anyone involved CAN NOT FAIL 


Like literally you’d have to pay then doing nothing & ignore my messages, voice notes & videos for 3 months

& no idiots gonna be able to do that

I will go above & beyond to help everyone I work with in those 2 groups

get success & help you:

– Feel fucking amazing about yourself 

– Look like a Greek God if that’s your goal 

– Literally become ‘SuperDad’ if you have kids like a lot of guys I work with do

– & build a body chicks cant keep their hands off if you’re a single guy like me 

The video I posted up last night is on my Facebook Page 

& yes I did drop a couple of swear words & no I don’t care 

The message still applies

I think I’ll throw a few recipes your way this week & lookout for some on my 

Facebook as well 

Also a shout of for #TeamHUD member Rob dropping 3kg fat over the last few weeks 

Now just time for him to nail his training & really push on towards new goals 

Watch this space as I’m expecting big things from Rob over the next few months 

If you haven’t seen the New #TeamHUD Inside Look video yet here’s a link for you to check out


Marcus ‘Pumped’ Duharty


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