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Steroids: 3 Supplements Better

By February 12, 2017 Marcus' Mind No Comments

You wont see this list anywhere else 

No one really wants you to know this as they’d rather you spend your money on other BS 

Here’s the 3…

I’m telling you find these 3 supplements

Pop them like a junkie in a subway 

F*ck it even over dose on them 

& watch your progress damn near sky rocket 

Forget steroids… Life changing gear these 3 I’m telling you 

Or you could carry on believe that an expensive supplement with loads of long word ingredients is worth buying as a guy with abs is holding the box on Instagram 

Choice is yours but only 1 of these options will guarantee a result 



Yesterday I sent a link out to a bundle of free training & nutrition stuff I’d stuck inside the Build&Blast90 membership site 

I can’t be bothered to list the stuff now so click the link below if you want to find out for yourself 


Build&Blast90 is still closed for new members 

You’ll have a few days soon when you can join the guys killing it right now though 

Keep a look out 

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