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3 Years Ago I Was…

By February 10, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments
  • In a long term relationship 

  • About to buy a house with my then partner

  • Had a full-time job which I loved 

  • Was in the middle of a Masters Degree 

  • Earning decent money for playing Semi professional football 

& had a plan for the next 5-10 years of my life

I’m not lying I reckon I could have pretty much plotted every day

for the next 5-10 years

Fast forward a year on & I was…

  • Single

  • Sold the house we bought 

  • Quit my masters degree

  • Had a full time job I didn’t enjoy 

  • Had collapsed on the pitch so no longer allowed to play football

  • ​But was now coaching at a professional football club 

& suddenly had no real plan

So much for being able to plot the future

Lets wind 12 months forward again..

Shit had taken a big change

  • I was enjoying the single life somewhere random in Asia 

  • I’d quit my job  

  • The masters was a long distance memory  

  • I’d just bought a flat back home  

  • & hadn’t kicked a football in 12 months 

The 2015 plan was to enjoy life & ‘Live’ as much as I could

& man I tell you I definitely did that

Fast forward to the here & now…

  • Sat in a library in Bondi, Sydney writing an email to you !

As you can see there’s a hell of a lot of change there

But one things stayed consistent

Training People Online…

Through all of the changes

The ups & downs

The jobs & courses

The countries & continents

I’ve ALWAYS trained people online

Even when it was just a side hustle

& I think I’m starting to get pretty decent at it

The progress I’ve made is huge

& systems I now have in place are tried & tested

With guys that wanna pack on muscle

Shred fat

Athletes looking to dominate in their sport

& could be perfect for you in building the body you want

Cos I’m not some full time PT just banging the same programme online

As to that I do with my 1-1 clients

Fuck I’m so focused on the quality of my online work

I don’t even have 1-1 clients

You can see how this shizzle works at the link below

VIDEO LINK >>> An Inside Look: Marcus Duharty Personal Training 

& I’ll finish this message with this statement

“Don’t let who you are today limit who you could be in the future”

That’s straight of the dome so you need to ” ” quote me if you’re gonna use this one

The day I collapsed on the football pitch

& ended up having heart surgery

That’s the day that changed a lot for me

This emails getting long so I roll into that one tomorrow

Until then…

Marcus ‘3 years ago I was… Nothing like today’ Duharty


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