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3 ways to get your workout done FASTER

You’re busy. I know. So am I.

You’ve got maybe an hour before work. 45 minutes at lunch or you wanna be in & out in the evening.


I’m exactly the same & you’ll rarely see me working out for over an 60mins.

In fact all the guys I work with are the same.

 – Ben works mental split shifts.

 – Marcus, Kirky & Lisandros, run businesses

 – Dan, Nathan & 3 or 4 others have kids

 – & guys like Lex & Lloyd are trying get in & out before work starts.

They’re your typical 2016 man out there getting it done on all fronts. So time & maximising it is priority number 1.


Here’s 3 seriously effective ways I make sure I get their workouts done faster.


1. Put your ab exercises in your rest periods. 


Don’t wait until the end of your session or complete all your ab work in a block. You’re going to rest for at least 30 seconds between most sets & sometimes up to 3 or 4 minutes if your’e doing heavy work.


Take this time to get your ab work done. Choose 1 exercise & get a set done between every rest period.


You’ll also get a bonus with this… You’ll burn off MORE calories! Winner winner.


The only time I’d avoid doing this is when you’re doing a heavy squat or deadlift as you want to avoid fatiguing this area before these big lifts.


Stuck for ab exercise ideas? Here’s 25 you can try (LINK)


2. Buy a watch/stopwatch & Time EVERYTHING


Rest periods are needed but they can be easily abused. 1 min can easily become 2 with a trip to the water machine or what seems like a quick catch up with a mate.


Set time limits. Time every single rest period. Never over run on your times. Be strict.


Remember you’re in there to get a job done not socialise.


Doing this has the potential to save you 10-15 minutes every session.


3. Work in timed blocks


Taking timing your rest periods further this time we’re going to time your blocks of work.


I’m a huge fan of this & use it for a lot of the guys I work with. I don’t know why more people don’t use it as it’s so damn effective.


If you plan to get 6 exercises done in a session & you only have an hour you can easily split this up into each exercise block being 8 minutes.


Start your watch & work through an exercise for 8 minutes then move to the next one. you still have your standard rest periods of 30-90s which should allow you to get at least 4 sets done in the 8 minute time limit.

6 exercises x 8 minute blocks = 48 minutes work. 12 minutes for a warm up & moving & setting up equipment.


If you pair exercises up you can get even more into your session. 8 minutes would be the minimum I’d use & often shoot for 10 or 12 minutes.


Example: Here’s a whole session that applies this principle (LINK)


Bonus: Wear headphones when you train


People stopping you to chat is a big issue in most gyms. Working in gyms I used to struggle with this all the time.


To get around it I started wearing headphones… But not to listen to music. I never did & still rarely do.


I wear them simply so other people think I am so are less likely to start a conversation.

The most important thing to take from this is a lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse. It makes things harder but it’s down to you to find an answer.


These examples will help but if you need help finding an answer to your time constraints & individual requirements you can contact me at this form & I’ll develop something that works exactly for you.



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