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25 Ab Building Exercises

**Here’s the link to your 25 Ab Building Exercises folder**

Let’s fast forward to next summer

6 months time

You’re in Ibiza

Maybe a Vegas pool party

Or even a beach in the Caribbean with the girlfriend

The suns beaming down on your back

You’re in your swim shorts

Loving life

& bouncing around with a Head Turning set of abs

The trainings paid off

You’re sitting at 8-10% body fat

& you’ve got a Solid, Visible, Attractive 6 pack to show for it

How do you feel..?

Take a moment to think

I’ll let you answer that one

& after you do check out these 25 Ab Building Exercises to help you get there

I’m sure some of these you’ve tried before

& I’m sure there’s some you haven’t

There are some killers in there

Especially the barbell & cable variations

& the TRX slides are a joke

Take a look >>> 25 Ab Building Exercises

This style of folder is also where your Training & Nutrition programmes are stored

Along with your personal videos for all the exercises in your programme

Many with me talking providing the key points for the exercise to maximise your gains

Also your Nutrition Ebooks & recipes are stored in this folder as well

Along with all the session results you’ve uploaded for me to see monitor & review

For now though just enjoy trying some new Ab exercises



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