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10 weeks to Stacked & Jacked

That’s how long it is until summer man 

10 weeks 

70 days 

blah blah hours, minutes etc etc

But guess what 

It’s also 10 weeks since New Year 

& I know you started the year with good intentions 

But lets be honest about it 

Where the fuck have you got to? 

Have you actually lost any fat? 

Have you actually gained any muscle? 

Are you turning heads & most importantly feeling fucking amazing about your self? 

Are you????

My guess is no 

It’s 10 weeks until summer man what are you waiting for

Lets not waste this 10 weeks like that last 

You still gonna be worried about taking your shirt off in a few months? 

& getting the ‘fat/skinny banter’ from the boys?

Or you gonna be stacking & packing?

Turning heads?

& brimming with confidence like Conor McGregor on Mandy?

I’m looking for 5 more guys to transform their shit in a 10-12 week period 

& learn how to get Stacked & Jacked 

Without spending all day in the gym 

& still enjoying food & drinks at social occasions 

Get in touch with me about it ASAP

Just pop your email in the form below 

>> Yes I wanna get Stacked & Jacked ready for Summer <<

I warn you though this is only for guys who wanna make serious progress

Serious Players Only

10 weeks & counting my man

Marcus ‘Summer’s Coming’ Duharty

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