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Fuck diets

Yeah I did just say that 

Come on lets be honest they seriously suck! 

Especially when you get told you can only eat this

& you cant eat that 

& of course the ‘that’ is always the food you actually enjoy 

Thankfully thats not my style 

I stress to the guys I work with to be flexible 

& provide the Build&Blast guys with individually chosen meals in

a booklet when they start 

& here’s 10 meal ideas for you to try at this link 


From a goats cheese omelette

To Steak (like who doesn’t LOVE steak)

Thai chicken noodles 

A Breakfast smoothie 

A post workout shake 

& even a cheese cake !

Didn’t believe me when I said my guys can be flexible with their nutrition

Well there’s another 120 meals that go with these

& they’ll get around 10 added into their group each week 

Oh & I’m sure you noticed the calories, proteins, fats & carb contents 

Yeah thats all broken down for them so they can make sure it follows the 

guidelines I set 

Like I said… Fuck diets 

My guys are building muscle & shredding fat whilst still enjoying their food

You can join them by getting in touch with me at this link 


Unless of course you like eating dry bland chicken broccoli & rice for every meal

Marcus ‘Fuck Diets’ Duharty

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