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1 Year Today You Were…

Well I don’t actually know

I was in Cambodia

But 2 years ago I thought Cambodia was in Africa

When of course it’s actually in Asia

& I thought I was good at geography (hands over face emoji)

Clearly you can learn a lot in a year 

1 year ago Leicester City were bottom of the Premier League 


The last team 

The WORST team 

& being laughed at 

Yet today they are top

Numero uno

The best team

With everyone literally loving them off

& amazingly they’re very likely to actually win the thing 

Even if you don’t know football you thats not normal 

Like seriously…. WTF is going on 

It just shows though how things can change 

& where you are today isn’t a place you have to stay

So where are you today? 

Being laughed at or people loving you off? 

Like rank yourself out of 10… 

10 being you’re ideal look & feel 

& focus on the feel cos that’s super important 

So where are you right now on this 1-10 scale 

Be honest 

I bet it’s low 

See I ask this question to every Training & Nutrition enquiry I get 

& I NEVER hear a reply above a 6

yesterday someone said 3

Rankings this low tell me there’s a lot of unhappy people out there

Unhappy with the way they look 

Unhappy with the way they feel 

With all this usually going hand in hand with… 

Being unhappy with how much sex they get with a partner or otherwise

& unhappy in public situations 

Fuck maybe even dreading summer which is right around the corner

But just like Leicester City you CAN do something about it 

It aint easy though

I’ve worked with a number of professional footballers so I know how hard 

Leicester must have worked

You can see the success I’ve had with players from the Premier League down 

here >>> MASSIVE Success

They worked fucking hard on those training camps I used to coach on

There’s no doubt work works…

& you’re gonna have to put some work in to get where you want as well 

But think about it… 

Is the effort worth an improvement in your happiness? 

The way you feel about yourself? 

The way other people look at you? 

Jeeeez even how much sex you have?

If you ranked yourself under an 8 then I think there’s only 1 answer 

But you don’t have to be alone in your journey

I work with guys in a similar position to you EVERY DAY 

& I’m looking to add to my group 

& even start building a new one

Do you wanna be a part of it? 

If you do just pop you’re name in this form & we’ll get you started


& remember 

“Where you are today doesn’t have to be where you stay” 

Marcus ‘Crap Geography’ Duharty

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