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1 Rule You Should Break

Father Christmas

The Easter Bunny 

& No carbs after 6pm 

Probably 3 of the biggest load of BS you’ve been told

No carbs after 6pm is definitely a rule you should break 

That said though if you do struggle with overeating in the evening 

Then ‘No carbs after 6pm’ can be a great habit to implement 

I heard someone say that this week & its a great point 

That said though lowering calorie intake is what you… blah blah blah 

Anyway here’s a reminder of 5 Stupid Things I’ve Fucked Up With Fat Loss

This was my most popular post in February

& I think there’s a couple eye openers in there for most people

So here it is again 


I took great pleasure in writing about Ben last month as well 

& you can 100% learn something from his attitude & success as well 

“In the 4 months I have been working with Marcus I have lost a total of 23kg’s

& my personal body image has taken a complete turn”

He’s now done another 4 kg since then 

You can read about the nutrition strategy we put in place here


Now I’m off to see McGregor do his stuff

Enjoy your Sunday mofo’s 

Marcus ‘Rule Breaker’ Duharty

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