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Why Do They Say This Crap??

I don’t get this at all 

It makes no sense to me 

After Christmas people will come to me & say…

“I’m out of shape & have put weight on because of Christmas” 

When 99% of the time Christmas has not a lot to do with it 

Yeah granted a couple of extra calories will likely be consumed 

But the reality is they were out of shape before Christmas

& would have put weight on in the same 2 week period whether Christmas was there or not 

A lot of time it’s just an excuse 

But I do get it 

Temptations are up 

Maybe you can relax a bit more

& it’s a nice time to enjoy yourself 

So you know what if you put on a bit of weight so be it 

I probably will myself as well if I’m honest 

I’m just not going to say it was cos of Christmas though 

Clearly Christmas never put the food & drink in my mouth 

It’s always down to me & me only 

Here’s 2 ways to easily knock 3-1000 calories off a day over that period though

Replace all fizzy drinks with ‘diet’ ones 

Change coke to coke zero alone could save 300+ calories if you have a couple of cans a day 

& of course I’m talking about when you have it with your Jack Daniels etc here

You’re already going to drink extra calories in the alcohol so you might as well keep them down in whatever mixer you have with it 

The second thing to do is swap your normal beer for a Vodka Soda with lemon or lime 

There’s about 100 calories saved per drink with this swap

How many of them will you have over the next few weeks

I’ll let you do the maths on that one 

Will you make any of these adjustments 

Or will you let the Christmas week or so leave you feeling worse for the first few months of 2017?



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