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Cameron’s Upperbody Pump & Fat Shed session

By October 25, 2015 Success One Comment

“In my mind Marcus is one of the best coaches & trainers in the fitness game”

So my man Cameron absolutely nailed his training & nutrition earlier this year & seriously got in Head Turning shape!

In fact I think you’ll agree he looked pretty fucking good!

Fit, Strong, Powerful, Lean, Muscular…. Cameron wanted it all & that’s exactly what I gave him.

Cam hanging1 Cam skippingLMUK - Edits

Below is a shot of session 6 from his programme. This session finished off the week with an upper body workout focused on building muscle at the same time as stressing his aerobic system.  Burning off a load of calories during the session & boosting his after session metabolic rate…

Basically attempting to build muscle & shred fat!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 13.04.43

Exercises are alternated in pairs for 12 minutes with whatever rest is needed. Rep range target of 10-12 for each set with the total sets completed, recorded and used as a target for the following week…

Simple but god damn effective.


As you can tell by this photo Cameron’s a crazy dude but don’t be fooled… We grafted to build this physique & is the culmination of a couple of yearCams decent work.


After a setback (serious car accident) we definitely took a couple of steps backward but Cameron optimises his brand Hungry Under Dogs (Motivational Lifestyle Brand) & his successful career as the best motivational speaker in the country through www.Cameron-Parker.com 


As Cameron himself says…

“Only the Hungriest Succeed”

If you’re hungry to succeed then check out Hungry Under Dogs Facebook page as we’ll be sending out the rest of Cameron’s programme in our new group for guys looking to DOMINATE in the gym & in all aspects of life.


Thanks for reading… Peace & Love


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