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Next programme starts January 2017


Next programme starts January 2017


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Do YOU Want Faster Results Forever? 

To Feel Energised & Confident Everyday? 

& Still Be Able To Enjoy Food & Drinks? 

If thats you then I invite you to apply for my RESULTS GUARANTEED online training & nutrition coaching programmes

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"I'm 50kg Down & Feel Like A New Person"

Ben Stanford

Thats what Ben shifted WITHOUT eating bland boring food for every meal & with LIMITED TIME to train

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Spaces Are Limited & We're Looking For Guys Who Are Ready For Change NOW

How The Programme Works... Inside Look

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Cameron Parker, 

“In my mind Marcus is one of the best coaches & trainers in the fitness game”

Gareth Powell,

"At 8kg down I feel better about myself & am way more confident"  

Sam Kavanagh,

"My Confidence, Motivation & Self Belief Has Transformed" 

What You Get Inside Of Build&Blast90

** The Training **

New programmes every 4 weeks  

5 x session gym based workouts (choose how many & which ones you do)

3 x 5-15 minute optional conditioning add ons 

3 x optional core add ons 

Intro programmes for guys who've been out of the gym for a while 

'On The Road' bodyweight only workouts for those working away or training at home 

Video run throughs of all the sessions & exercises 

Warm up & mobility videos 

Personal exercise crtiques & coaching 

All accessed through the Team Hungry Under Dogs (#TeamHUD) Website

** Nutrition **

Videos & content every 1-3 days walking you through your nutrition journey 

Over 200 meal idea booklets to download

All with recipe & calorie, protein, fat & carb breakdown

Food day idea booklets for your calorie requirements 

Nutrition introduction video series 

All accessed through the Team Hungry Under Dogs (#TeamHUD) Website

** Bonus Extras ** 

24/7 365 access to us coaches in the Facebook group 

All your questions answered & plans reviewed when you want 

Daily 'Are you getting your shit done' check ins in the Facebook group 

Personal check ins/catch ups when or if you're struggling 

Motivation posts every 1-3 days in the group 

A clear pathway to follow along your 90 day journey 

100% Money Back Guarantee 

You have NO RISK with this Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident in my results we'll happy to take all the risk 

If after any 90 days you're not happy with your progress & you've done the work we'll give you all your money back

Bradley Tobin,

"I'm 14kg down after the first 8 weeks & am buzzing" 

The 'diet thats not a diet' is amazing & I've actually found the process quite easy"  

Ben Kirk, 

“I haven’t been this lean for 10 years!”

“With Running my business & supporting my wife & 2 kids the Nutrition has been a game changer for me“

Sheldon Murray, 

"I'm a totally different person! As each week passes my body is changing" 

"My wife for the first time in in ages wolf whistled me the other day!!"

"We don't care what weights you lift, how far you can run, or where you are right now...

All we want to do is help you just like we've helped the guys on this page FEEL unbelievable about themselves..."

Marcus Duharty & Cameron Parker 

Build&Blast90 Head Coaches

WARNING: This Exclusive Group Is For Guys That Are Serious About Changing Only

Are you worried that you've tried & failed before?

Do you wish you woke up feeling unstoppable & ready to attack every day?

Is your busy schedule & lack of time stopping you getting started? 

Are you pissed off with busting your ass but you still look & feel the same? 

Well I get it my man... You are NOT alone 

I Know Why You're Here

I get that you're fed up

Pissed off

& ready to quit 

I had guys coming to me complaining all the time... 

Struggling with fighting fat & the dreaded man boobs (Moobs!)

The banter & stick from the guys in the office & changing room 

Being called 'fat dad' by their kids 

Fearing taking their shirt off on holiday 

The loss of sprark in the sex life & attraction from your partner

Or being single & not confident attracting the opposite sex 

Basically feeling like crap on a daily basis 

This is why I created my Online Coaching groups

They are programmes where you DONT have to spend ages slogging away in the gym

& NEVER eat bland tasteless food that you hate 

Nor do you have to AVOID eating out or socilaising with your friends & family 

(I'm going to eat pizza so you can to)  

But like the warning says YOU need to be serious about changing 


Matt Hollow,

"The accountability through the daily check ins is great

Shifting weight whilst still enjoying my food is unreal”

Marcus Wittcomb, 

“I managed to build a stone (6.5kgs) of muscle whilst staying at 10% body fat

I'm proud of the body I've built & the wife a kids love it”

Michael Murphy, 

“The wife things I look amazing & because of that I I'm motivated to keep going!!

Right now I’m 9kg down & stronger than ever”

For less than £17.50 a week you can change the way you look & feel 


Limited Spaces Available 

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