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Ben Stanford

So Ben’s absolutely smashed it! I’m gonna quickly run you through how but firstly..


I have to shout Ben out as my job is so fucking easy when people actually follow what I advise. Now I appreciate life gets in the way but when you have split shifts like Ben starting at 4am then finishing at 11pm you have to follow what’s set out or it’s a waste of time.


& whenever there are issues Ben’s straight in contact with me ready for me to problem solve. Cos thats my job. Outside of providing the structure with the training & nutrition it’s problem solving.



Firstly by solving the problem of him actually doing the work by making him accountable. Secondly by providing solutions to questions like:


How do I get in enough protein?

What snacks should I eat to stay in a fat burning position? 

How do I maintain my strength when I’m shredding fat?


So shout out to Ben for getting this started, sticking to it & using my services to full effect!


Here’s a quick Vid of him getting it done… we’re working on ironing out a couple of technical issues that have creeped in as the weights gone up!


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So he’s 25 kg bodyweight down since in the last 5 months with strength levels improving in most lifts. Even though the initial 120kg target is hot we still have plenty of work to do.

The thing is Ben’s not a novice as he has a pretty solid American Football background behind him and was one of my athletes back in my Strength & Conditioning Coach role at UWE.


Adjusting from a strength & size focus was a big thing with the training but nutrition is the main area & I’ll touch on now.

So how do you help a guy who’s a self confessed overeater & played a sport where he needed to be as big as possible change to then cut down? Well here’s what you can’t do…


You can’t just say.. “These foods are banned” fuck no.


First off an analysis of the current nutrition & lifestyle must take place

Secondly a progressive strategy has to be set

Finally things HAVE to be somewhat flexible


Banging the same thing out to everyone is no where near enough.

Making massive adjustments will result in muscle loss as well as fat which we obviously don’t want.

& rigid diets are so hard to stick to… think about it have YOU ever actually stuck to one?


So after analysis we decided to set some habits for Ben to stick to. Here’s a look at the first blocks habits. These ran for 4 weeks….

You’ll probably be shocked at how simple they are. Ben will probably look back & laugh at where we started!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 16.10.37

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 16.10.12


This phase is so important though! Look how effective these simple changes can be…


Getting him to focus on water will keep away a minimum of 300 calories. Potentially even more. The same with adding in vegetables to meals which will automatically reduce (not remove) higher calorie foods.

Having breakfast means he won’t make poor snack choices mid morning & pushing for 3 main meals through the day will mean he avoids massively over eating in one of the meals.


Simple 🙂


& of course having to record it and upload it to our shared folder means he’ll have me on his case if he’s not doing it!


Here’s some of Ben’s comments on the service:


“Never felt at any point like I was on my own in this, even though its through completely online means, I feel its just as good as any high end personal training you’d find in gyms today”


“In the 4 months I have been working with Marcus I have lost a total of 23kg’s or 51 pounds and my personal body image has taken a complete turn”


If you take anything from this it’s:

To be keep things simple & achievable at the start

Create small manageable changes that will still deliver quick results

& make yourself or even better get someone else to make you accountable


Be like Ben…


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