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Adam’s MASS Development Legs & Chest session

So we managed to get my man Adam in the best shape of his life last year. A pretty solid ‘bulk’ & ‘cut’ were programmed which had Adam buzzing with the final product…

I was pleased, Adam was pleased, so winner winner chicken dinner!


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 14.08.47

“Worked with Marcus for a 16 week cut, and managed to shed off 6KG of fat whilst maintaining most of my strength and muscle. A real thing of beauty”


Last year a big focus was maintaining or even improving strength through the ‘cut’ phase which is always tricky and not always achievable. I’ll cover that in another post as I’ve decided to give you a couple of sessions from Adam’s last block of training


A MASS development phase geared towards adding some muscle top Adam’s frame. Much more of a traditional 4 day bodybuilding split which is Adam’s preference.


Here’s 2 of the sessions from Adam’s last block.


Session 1 – Lowerbody development session with a focus on ‘tear drop’ development

Session 2 – Chest session


This link will take you to the session and a folder with exercise videos & Adam’s original programme run through video.


>>> Click HERE for the FREE session & exercise videos <<<


Feel free to download and add into your own programmes.


You can see from the programme & my feedback in the video that adjustments from traditional movements have been made to really hit Adam’s individual requirements.


& it seemed to work with this feedback…


“Yes PHENOMENAL! Really happy with this block!!”

Adam selfie

This is Adam at around 75kg right now. After illness earlier this year appetite was and still is down & combined with work hours and access to food EATING enough calories to build muscle really has been a struggle. Plus then there’s budget to consider!


The answer I’ve provided at the moment is to add Dextrose into protein shakes in an attempt to increase total calories to a level where muscle will start to be built again.


Hopefully we can start to see some more progress with this over the next few weeks as I think we’ve nailed the training.

Look out for an update in the next few months.


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